Culture & Careers

We are a nimble, driven and accomplished team of entrepreneurs, physicians, and industry experts. Our mission is to thoughtfully develop transformative medicines that dramatically improve the lives of patients with life-altering immune and inflammatory diseases.

Our Core Values & Corporate Behaviors

We have passion for our mission

  • Understand and strive to address patient needs
  • Embrace an “all hands on deck” mindset
  • Follow through to the last mile and beyond

We believe respect and inclusion are core to the success of our team

  • Operate in a respectful, transparent, and honest way
  • Demonstrate that we value the diverse experiences and perspectives of our team members
  • Collaborate with kindness

We overcome obstacles to deliver results for patients

  • Focus on the problem, not on individuals or groups
  • Think creatively and act quickly to apply solutions
  • Draw on the strengths of the whole team

We push the envelope

  • Challenge the status quo
  • Take well-informed risks
  • Find inspiration and opportunity within and beyond Tourmaline